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Well, things change

So someone posted on Facebook about LiveJournal (and TQC) and it inspired me to stop by! So, I'm now a married lady, for about 16 days now. I have a gorgeous one year old girl puppy. Still in Texas, still working the same great job I got last year. About to buy a new car! :)

So if anyone is still out there, things are fantastic over here!

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So this happened...

:D :D :D :D

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It would be nice if before beginning training on a new aspect of a computer program we could just tell the presenter, "We've all used computers before so skip to what we need to know. Also, we understand how checks work." That way we don't have to sit there pretending to look interested in learning about the magical red X that will close the "box" on our screen. Or for a ten minute exposition of what the numbers on the bottom of checks mean.

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Jun. 3rd, 2012

I just broke my life-long streak of never leaving the house in sweats. For the sake of a Doritos taco from Taco Bell. And I wasn't even hungry.

And then I almost hit what I swear was an albino fox in the parking lot.

I don't even know what my life has become in the last hour.

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Given these reviews, would you go to this spa, or am I just looking for a bad foot fungus that way? The price is really good!

I've decided to cut running out of my workout plan and just go back to walking. I just can't do it. I mean, I can physically do it, but I hate it. I skipped my workouts last Friday-Monday because I "needed" to run for my next workout and I just couldn't make myself do it. I figure walking was fine for me and even if it's not as strenuous, at least I'm actually doing it instead of skipping everything because I hate the one thing.

We started our summer hours this week, so I've been working later. But now Fridays I get off at 11:30 and it's a long weekend! So excite!

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I want to do a "spoof" of those family stickers on my back window, but I don't know what. I found a place with some dinosaurs, I though it might be fun to have the T-Rex (or maybe a Triceratops, since that's my favorite). But I want it to be silly and I'm not very creative!

Maybe a Princess Leia and a T-Rex doing something?

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Nov. 9th, 2011

It enrages me far more than it should when people ask question on LJ about how to get something clean and they have not first tried washing it with soap and water.

"Clean it? With hot water you say? Well I suppose I can try..."

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I rejoined Twitter this week. I never really used it before, but decided to give it a go. So far I'm mostly just following sports people, so if you know of someone interesting (or YOU) that I should follow, let me know!

And my name there is the same as here.

I laughed hysterically at it this morning when Screech (the Nats mascot) tweeted Slapshot (the Caps mascot). I was like "You aren't even real!!" LOL

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I woke up an hour and a half late, got ready in less than 10 minutes, and then sat in traffic for two hours. This week is starting off real swell.

And this morning was also the first time in probably 15 years that I wore sweat pants outside of the house. I looked so fetching, I'm sure.

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Aug. 18th, 2011

Things I need/want to do now that I'm caught up from moving and have extra money, plus extra money for months to come.

1. Pay off all credit cards
2. Get an eye exam and get new contacts and glasses
3. Buy a Kindle.

I know these should be done in that exact order. I really really do. However, I'm having a hard time convincing myself to actually do it in that order. I have almost zero books that are not in storage and no room to buy more. I NEED a Kindle!

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Apparently I'm moving tonight. As in moving everything. Fun stuff. There's going to be a bunch of games (little league or city league, I'm not sure) at the ballpark this weekend, so Brannon and Travis have to work. They think we can get everything moved in just an evening. We'll see. As long as we can get the big stuff that has to go in the box truck, I got time to do the rest of it on my own.

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15 Years Ago (June 1996), :
1. I was getting ready to start eighth grade and thought I was hot shit.
2. We moved from our gorgeously large house in Sebring to the trailer in Avon Park. Which was still pretty nice, as trailers go.
3. I was dating my first boyfriend, Howard.

10 Years Ago (June 2001), :
1. I had just graduated high school.
2. Started my first ever job, as a receptionist at a doctor's office.
3. I was undergoing chemotherapy, but was in remission already. (Yay!)

5 Years Ago (June 2006), :
1. I had a gigantic falling out/breakup with Amy, who had been one of my best friends for several years.
2. My grandfather died.
3. I was working at Packrat still (Ew.)

3 Years Ago (June 2008), :
1. I was working at my current job.
2. I attended the Women's Baseball 101 clinic, which led to the most epic years of baseball fandom ever.
3. Was getting ready to move into my current apartment.

1 Year Ago (June 2010), :
1. I was still getting used to not eating sugar.
2. I don't think I had much going on other than work and baseball, lol.
3. I was kind of/maybe dating Brendan.

Yesterday, :
1. Actually cooked dinner for the first time in about a week. It was just chicken and brussels sprouts, lol.
2. I cut my dresser down to about half full in preparation for my move to a smaller space.
3. I was supposed to meet my new boss, but she didn't come into the office and I've been given no explanation as to why.

Today, :
1. I have done almost no work.
2. I woke up early because of a weird dream (I invited 20 people over for a dinner party and forgot to cook any food, ended up feeding them a giant bowl of microwaved veggies)
3. Am wearing pants I don't like very much.

Tomorrow, :
1. I will get to see my boyfriend!
2. We will watch Transformers in 3D! (Y'all have no idea how excited I am. As in, I am not at all, lol)
3. I will probably wear a dress!

In a week,:
1. I will be partially moved in to my new place
2. I will probably be tan from sitting outside all weekend.
3. I will be exhausted from staying downtown until late to watch the fireworks.

In one month (July 2011),:
1. I will be entirely moved out of my apartment.
2. I'll ...watch baseball? lol
3. idk.

In one year (June 2012),:
1. I will hopefully be closing on a house!

In five years (June 2016),:
1. I couldn't even begin to guess.

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I just discovered that I'm ranked 56th worldwide on one of the Facebook games I play. Part of me is ashamed I play so much. The other part is wondering how much effort it'll take to break into the top 50.

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Jun. 21st, 2011

To buy a house this summer, I would need to be under contract by the end of this week. As I have no more listings to look at, this isn't going to happen. The lease on our current apartment is up on July 31st. So I poked around Craigslist and this weekend and found a place to move to. It's just a room in a townhouse, so I'll have to put most of my stuff in storage (which really really sucks, I like my stuff). Buuuut, it's only going to cost me $500 a month, with all utilities included! So I'll be able to save up a bunch of money and get myself into a better position for buying a place next year (hopefully). I have to pay for both places for the month of July, so that plus moving costs is going to make things tight until about mid-August, but then things will be great. So I'm excited about that part.

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If the rapture/apocalypse/whatever happens before I can post again, bye!

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- I haven't run since the race on Saturday. I've been too busy with Heather and Sergei every night.

+ Starting next week I'm going to start training for a half-marathon. Just cause I can. I don't know what half-marathon, but I'll pick one somewhere this fall.

- I have driven nearly 400 miles this week. In a typical week I drive less than 100. Gas is killing me. And a ton of that has been in major traffic, so stressful too. My general commute avoids most traffic.

+ Sergei and Heather have bought food all week and Sergei has cooked for me. I haven't cooked since last Thursday and there's enough food in my house to probably last me until June.

- House hunting this week was awful. I was about to cry by the time we left the third place yesterday. First house we couldn't get into because someone had stolen the doorknob (so fantastic neighborhood). It also had two very loud, large, and aggressive dogs next door which, beyond stressing me out, would mean I couldn't get a dog because I wouldn't want mine next to those two. Second house had the second story literally falling into the first. Third house was just an unmitigated disaster. I told my realtor to start looking for two bedroom houses and see if that makes any difference. Haven't heard back from her on that yet.

-/+ Apparently I'm just not coming in to work on time this week. I've called each time though, so that's something. I'll just work late on Monday, it's all good.

+ One more full Friday after today before we switch to summer half Fridays!! Friday Friday, gotta get down!

+ Saw Thor this week. It was good.

+ Our apartment management finally replaced our door after the fire.

- They gave the only key to someone who doesn't even live there and didn't contact anyone who did. I had to go raise hell about that.

+/-/idk Since I had to go get key copies anyway, anyway, I gave Brannon a key to my apartment. He was very good about just taking it and not making it a big deal, lol.

- Been a busy week, but can't think of anything else to talk about.

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May. 7th, 2011

Official race time was 34:50. I was hoping for 36 if I pushed it. Hell yeah, I'm awesome.

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Between my mortgage broker thinking my first name doesn't have an -h- and my realtor thinking my last names has an -a- and me having my name properly spelled on every email, I'm surprised we're all able to realize we're talking about the same person and get anything done, lol.

Saw a house yesterday that was really great and we were going to work on writing up an offer today. But then my realtor pulled the listing up this morning and it's status has changed to "temporarily off the market." Which isn't sold, they just pulled it off for some reason. She emailed to listing agent to find out wth is going on.

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A coworker just asked me about my Easter plans and it got me thinking about my grandma. We used to have a fairly big celebration at her house every year, everyone would come. I remember one year I lost a tooth the night before Easter. I was sharing a bed/room with my cousins and apparently as my dad was sneaking out from leaving my Easter basket and Tooth Fairy money, he bumped into my uncle coming in to leave the cousins' baskets. They made up this whole story about the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny running into each to explain how we found my tooth in our bed the next morning, lol.

In 1994 my grandmother suffered a heart attack, fell down the stairs and broke her leg, and died a few days later, only a week before Easter. For some reason, no one in the family had planned to have Easter at her house. When my uncle and aunt arrived at her house, they found laid out on the bed several little containers of candy with the names of each of her grandchildren, even the one that wasn't born yet. She'd made us all Easter baskets. And the only reason we all did end up being at her house for Easter was because of the funeral. I still have that little "Easter basket."

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Apr. 21st, 2011

I wanted to wear pigtails today, but I can't braid my own hair to save my life and I live waaaay too far away to have my mom do my hair, lol. So I've got two ponytails instead and they are no where near as good.

I'm supposed to finally go look at houses tonight, assuming the realtor doesn't cancel AGAIN.

This week is dragging. I can't wait for Saturday! :D

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